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Keiron Raven - Hatyaara

By awjrecordings, May 11 2017 09:31AM

Keiron Raven unleashes new single 'Hatyaara'. Commencing with a dark bass section then crossing over to an energetic electro tone. This dance track is made to jumpstart the raves with a high sense of thrill.

Keiron explains that 'Hatyaara' is the Hindi translation for 'Killer' which reflects the anger and strength portrayed in the sounds. "The thought of hard hitting dance music and how the crowd reacts with such energy is what I was focusing on for this track."

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"Epic track!" DJ John Christy

"Super mix, love it and gonne give all my support!" DJ GrandMasterGuy

"Great track. Sounds awesome." DJ Kreator

Artwork: The lion in the artwork represents the anger and strength of Hatyaara. Hence I wanted to create a new feel to music by incorporating such synthesizers into my new track.

May 18 2017 06:01PM by kajal


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