A global medley...

AWJ Recordings was created with the vision to help new and upcoming artists get their music out to the world.


The founder himself, being a musician, knew of the difficulties which independent artists face when trying to grow in the music industry. He took to learning the process in how a song goes from being produced in the studio through to marketing and to the ears of the public.


Located in Mauritius, this project was the the first of its kind on the island, breaking the mould to expand into an international market. The label has no boundaries and welcome musical individuals from all over the world to share their talents. We are not defined by a particular genre, releases are made with enjoyment from the artist to the listener.


The label releases music globally through three divisions. AWJ Recordings distributes predominantly in Europe and North America. Phat Groove Records distributes predominantly in Russia and Asia. AWJ Music is used for licensing purposes only.





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