A global medley...

Awaken your senses with ‘Atlantis’ by GURU. The relaxing atmosphere and warm melodies bring the peace. As the tempo climbs, a fresh zest of empowering energy is released.


“I started working on a mellow first melody,” explains GURU. “After that, it was pads worked out pretty well. Then plucks. Then arpeggio. And then the main drop and bass! I have used so many different melodies and elements, it is really hard for me to describe them all. But in the end, I am proud of my latest work and I hope everybody will love listening to it. Enjoy!”


Artwork: A lost world. An idealistic vision of life. Utopia.





Essential Collection X


The switchboard lights up. A deserted planet, nothing but dust and distraught. Thick smoke clouds the air as thunderous booms shake the ground. Tortured by the erratic fantasies of a lunatic. The warrior prepares himself for the challenges ahead. Riding the rails across a picturesque Thailand. Glorious rays across the sands. Dawn is here.


This is your Essential Collection for 2020 featuring the latest Annual tracks from GURU, TerraNation, Gaston Sosa, Insane House & Micheal Dogniaux. The second half steps back in time with Decade, classic electronic releases from the last ten years of the label.